Christmas blessings

Posted by Leah Wilke on

When I think about all I have to be thankful for this Christmas, one of the things that stands out the most, is having had the opportunity to open a brick and mortar store in downtown Pittsfield, Illinois. Pittsfield is a beautiful, small town with probably one of the most gorgeous courthouses I have ever laid eyes on. I have the joy of having the view of this beautiful, majestic building from the front door of our boutique on Pittsfield's town square. I had been pondering opening up the store all year, but fear of "will this work" kept creeping into my head. But in what I love to refer to as a "God Wink", and after months of praying about it and asking God to give me patience to hear HIS voice and not my own voice in my head, a building on the town square opened up for rent. Not only was it a building, but it was the very building that used to house the former Jack and Jill children's store that I vividly remember from my childhood. I knew that was the Lord telling me this was the location for Layla Bug Boutique. I jumped on this opportunity with nothing more than a faith over fear mentality. I am thankful to the community of Pittsfield and the surrounding towns for being so supportive of this new business venture. If not for them, I would not have been given the opportunity to be a small part of the revival of the town square. I just want you all to know, how very much you are appreciated!


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